z/OS System Operators - ES27G

z/OS System Operators - ES27G


Operations personnel, both system and network, with little or no formal IBM operator training and any personnel who need an understanding of the operations arena.


Basic understanding of computer concepts and data processing.


3 days.

Course Objectives

Get up to speed quickly in z/OS operations and introduce computer operations in large z/OS systems installations to staff with little or no formal IBM operator training.

On completion, you will be able to:

  • Have a technical appreciation of the computer operations environment
  • Perform essential computer operations tasks
  • Identify problems and take the corrective action

Course Content

IBM hardware and network overview
Overview and operations of an z/OS system
Overview and operations of a JES2 system
Network operations using VTAM
Introduction to TSO/ISPF/PDF
Operating applications such as CICS/DB2
Introduction to z/OS JCL
Start up and shutdown of z/OS JES2 and its applications
Problem source identification

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