Performance Tuning for Linux - ZL20G

Performance Tuning for Linux - ZL20G


This course targets experienced Linux and z/VM system administrators and other IT professionals who are responsible for the performance and tuning of mainframe systems.


Prerequisites for this course are:


4 days.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to teach in-depth performance methodologies for Linux and z/VM systems needed to prevent and eliminate system bottlenecks. In addition, this class covers tuning strategies that help to increase system efficiency, and describes monitoring techniques used to analyze server performance. The information provided during this course applies to running enterprise Linux distributions on z/VM. The course includes lab exercises to reinforce what students learn during class.

At the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Define IBM System z virtualization and server consolidation concepts
  • Identify performance bottlenecks at the hardware, operating system, and application levels
  • Eliminate memory, disk, processor and network bottlenecks
  • Describe tuning concepts and tasks
  • Use tuning tools to analyze and optimize z/VM and Linux performance
  • Define memory configuration for large applications (for example JVM and Oracle/DB2)

Course Content

Day 1
Unit 1: Server consolidation and virtualization overview
Unit 2: Tuning concepts
Unit 3: Monitoring tools
Exercise 1: Enabling, configuring, and navigating through Performance Toolkit
Unit 4: CPU resources
Exercise 2: CPU resources

Day 2
Unit 5: Tuning processor
Exercise 3: Tuning processor
Unit 6: Linux virtual memory concepts and configurations
Unit 7: Tuning memory for z/VM Linux guests
Exercise 4: Tuning memory
Unit 8: Linux swap considerations

Day 3
Unit 9: Memory configuration for large WebSphere applications
Unit 10: Performance considerations for databases
Exercise 5: Memory configuration for large applications
Unit 11: Network consideration and tuning
Exercise 6: Tuning network performance

Day 4
Unit 12: z/VM storage considerations and tuning
Exercise 7: z/VM storage performance tuning
Unit 13: Disk performance considerations and tuning
Exercise 8: Disk performance tuning
Unit 14: Performance analysis techniques

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