Mastering Windows PowerShell

Mastering Windows PowerShell


This course is designed for Microsoft Server Administrators and others needing a complete understanding of Microsoft's Powershell environment for Windows and server administration.


This course assumes no prior experience of Windows PowerShell.


5 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

The course guides you through the essentials of what PowerShell is, how it works, why you can’t afford to live without it, and - most importantly - how to use it to make everyday administrative tasks faster, easier, and more consistent.

This course also covers intermediate topics such as error handling, debugging, regular expressions, advanced modularization techniques, advanced object manipulation, and much more. You’ll be a more refined and efficient administrator by leveraging more of PowerShell’s flexible and powerful capabilities.

Finally, dig deep into PowerShell’s advanced capabilities, and begin extending and customizing the shell in ways you never thought possible. Learn to work with the data stored in databases, create graphical dialogue boxes, define custom formatting views and type extensions, work with XML-based data, and much more.

This course includes a complete half-day, hands on practical where you’ll use PowerShell to create a complex administrative utility from scratch.

Course Content

Day 1
Architecture and Overview.
Navigating Your System.
Key Cmdlets for Windows Administration.
The PowerShell Pipeline.
Objects in the Pipeline: Grouping, Sorting, and More.
Security Features.
WMI Overview and Use.

Day 2
Basic Pipeline Filtering & Comparison Operators.
AD Overview and Use.
More Key Cmdlets.
Scripting Overview.
Objects, Variables, Arrays, Escapes.
Working with Scope in PowerShell.
Advanced Operators.
Scripting Constructs: PowerShell’s Scripting Language.
Modularization: Creating PowerShell Scripts, Scriptblocks, and Functions.

Day 3
Advanced Filtering and Cmdlet Techniques.
Variables and Literals are Objects; Exploring Data Types.
Error Trapping and Handling.
Debugging Techniques.
Regular Expressions.
Advanced Modularization – Filtering Functions and Custom Objects.
Saving and Exporting Objects.

Day 4
Working with Databases.
Custom Format Views.
Custom Type Extensions.
Introduction to Windows Forms.
Working with Windows Forms.

Day 5
Working with XML Data.
Retrieving data from the Web.
Working with Runspaces.
Leveraging the .NET Framework in PowerShell.
Advanced PowerShell Practical.

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