Developing EJB 3 Applications with Rational Application Developer V7.5 - RD352G

Developing EJB 3 Applications with Rational Application Developer V7.5 - RD352G


This is an intermediate course for Java developers.


You should complete:

  • Java-Bootcamp-from Zero to Java-Hero (WD152)
  • Introduction to Java SE 5 Using Eclipse 3.2 (JA355)

You should have knowledge of database concepts such as SQL, primary and foreign keys, joins, and referential integrity.

It is also beneficial that you have some knowledge of Java EE Web development and Web services, and experience with Rational Application Developer or another Eclipse-based development environment.


5 days.

Course Objectives

This course teaches you how to build Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 (Java EE 5) applications that use Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3.0 and the Java Persistence API (JPA).

  • State the purpose and value of using the Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) technology
  • Describe the Java EE 5 application architecture
  • Use annotation-based development for EJBs
  • Explain the relationship between annotations in code and deployment descriptor files
  • Define and use dependency injection and resource injection
  • Develop and test the various types of EJBs (stateless session, stateful session, or message-driven) and Java Persistence API (JPA) entities
  • Use Java persistence query language (JPQL)
  • Perform object-to-relational mappings (ORM) for persistent data
  • Implement persistent entities with associations
  • Integrate an application with messaging using message-driven beans
  • Use EJB timers and interceptors
  • Leverage container services for transaction management
  • Create and test EJB clients
  • Create Web services from EJBs
  • Apply recommended practices in EJB design and implementation
  • Use IBM Rational Application Developer V7.5 to develop and test an EJB 3 application
  • Deploy an EJB 3-based application to WebSphere Application Server V7

Course Content

Session EJBs
The library case study
Strategies for testing EJBs
EJB clients
Introduction to the Java Persistence API (JPA)
Object-relational mapping with JPA
Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL)
Message-driven beans
Managing transactions in EJBs
EJB 3 timers and interceptors
EJBs and Web services
EJB security
Recommended practices for EJB 3
Deployment to WebSphere Application Server V7

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