Visual Basic Programming

Visual Basic Programming


This introductory course is designed for those who wish to use Visual Basic and the .NET Framework to create applications and utilities.

NOTE: This course is delivered with Visual Studio 2017. Previous release levels can be covered on request, please ask for details.


Those attending should have a good working knowledge of a Microsoft Windows environment. Some programming experience, preferably in a high level language, is recommended.


5 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, delegates will understand:

  • How to use the Visual Studio IDE and its facilities.
  • syntax and coding.
  • How to Create Windows Applications.
  • How to create and manipulate classes.
  • How to use name spaces.

Course Content

Introduction to Visual Basic programming

An introduction to Visual Studio

How to design a Windows Forms application

How to code and test a Windows Forms application

The Visual Basic language essentials

How to work with numeric and string data

How to code control structures

How to code procedures and event handlers

How to handle exceptions and validate data

How to work with arrays and collections

How to work with dates and strings

More skills for working with Windows forms and controls

How to create and use classes

How to debug an application

Database programming

An introduction to database programming

How to work with data sources and datasets

How to work with bound controls and parameterized queries

How to use ADO.NET to write your own data access code

Object-oriented programming

How to work with default properties, events, and operators

How to work with inheritance

How to work with interfaces and generics

How to organize and document your classes

More skills for working with data

How to work with files and data streams

How to work with XML files

How to use LINQ

Enhancement, deployment, and Windows 10

How to enhance the user interface

How to deploy an application

An introduction to Windows 10 programming

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