Linux Basics - LX010G

Linux Basics - LX010G


This course is designed to teach the basics of the Linux environment, no experience with Linux or Power systems is required. General knowledge of computers is expected, though no intermediate or advanced skills are required. Class activities include accessing a system, navigating the directory hierarchy, using the vi editor, using common commands, tools, and scripting concepts.


Students attending this course are expected to have a basic understanding of an IT environment.


3 days.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Log in to an Linux system and set a user password
  • Use Linux online documentation
  • Use the vi editor
  • Manage Linux files and directories
  • Describe the purpose of the shell
  • Execute common Linux commands and manage Linux processes
  • Customize the working environment
  • Use common Linux utilities
  • Write simple shell scripts

Course Content

Unit 1: Getting started with Linux
Exercise 1: Using the system

Unit 2: The vi editor
Exercise 2: The vi editor

Unit 3: Files and directories
Exercise 3: Files and directories

Unit 4: Using files
Exercise 4: Using files

Unit 5: File permissions
Exercise 5: File permissions

Unit 6: Shell basics
Exercise 6: Shell basics

Unit 7: Using shell variables
Exercise 7: Using shell variables

Unit 8: Processes
Exercise 8: Processes

Unit 9: Customizing the user environment
Exercise 9: Customizing the user environment

Unit 10: Linux utilities
Exercise 10: Linux utilities

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