Essentials of PowerVM - LX024G

Essentials of PowerVM - LX024G


The audiences for this training include anyone who needs to create and manage partitions on IBM Power System servers, such as Linux or AIX technical support and consultants, IBM technical sales individuals, Linux or AIX system administrators, or system architects and engineers.


Students would benefit from general knowledge of IBM Power Systems servers and partitions; however no specific prerequisite skills are needed.


2 days.

Course Objectives

This course introduces basic partitioning concepts and operations for IBM Power System servers. Topics include the resource configuration rules for partitions, how to create and manage partitions, use partition and system profiles, perform dynamic resource changes, and configure I/O devices such as physical adapters and SR-IOV logical ports.

Students will practice using new features of the HMC V8 Enhanced+ interface in the hands-on exercises such as creating partitions from templates, using the properties panels for dynamic changes, and pinning HMC panels.

This course provides lectures and hands on labs in an instructor-led course environment.

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe partition processor, memory, and I/O configuration options
  • Create partitions using a partition template
  • Modify the partition configuration using the partition profile
  • Perform partition operations such as activating and shutting down
  • Dynamically add and remove resources in a partition
  • Configure and use I/O adapters and SR-IOV logical ports
  • Use HMC commands to perform partition operations

Course Content

Day 1
Unit 1 - Introduction to PowerVM and logical partitioning
Exercise 1 - Introduction to PowerVM and logical partitioning
Unit 2 - Using the HMC to manage servers and partitions
Exercise 2 - Using the HMC to manage servers and partitions

Day 2
Unit 3 - Planning and configuring logical partitions
Exercise 3 - Planning and configuring logical partitions
Unit 4 - Configuring I/O resources
Exercise 4 - Configuring I/O resources

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