Change Management for Project Managers

Change Management for Project Managers


This course will interest project or team managers who are required to manage, co-ordinate or control any form of business project team, including information systems projects.


No previous knowledge of project management is assumed, other than a basic awareness of project work in the delegate’s own business environment.


1 day.

Course material is delivered through instructor-led lectures and practical workshops.

This course is available on site only. Please call for details.

Course Objectives

Change is now a way of life for all kinds of organisation. Projects are increasingly being used as the vehicles for introducing change within organisations, in both public and commercial sectors. However, most project management methods stop short of specific techniques for the management of change.

This intensive course focuses on the practical issues of change management that need to be addressed by project managers. The aim of the course is to identify a range of models, tools and structures to support organisational change.

This course will enable delegates to:

  • Describe the context and process of change.
  • Describe the Change Management roles inherent in a project.
  • Develop the Competencies of an Effective Change Agent.
  • Evaluate the Progress of Change.

Course Content

Context and Process of Change
Know where you are in the cycle of change.
Fitting change in with ‘business as usual’ – how much change is too much?
How to prioritise the programmes of change.

Change Management Roles
Identifying the who, why and how in change management projects.
Overcoming Resistance to Change.
Raising commitment to change.
Employee Relations - taking care of winners and loser.

Competencies of an Effective Change Agent
Goal setting.
Managing Up.
Organisational Awareness.

Evaluating the Progress of Change
Announcing the Project.
Communicate the plan.
Communicating the Progress.
Monitor Progress and Problems.
Evaluate the final.
Communicate Success.

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