Python Programming

Python Programming


This course is ideal for anyone who would like a comprehensive introduction to Python.


You should have at least 6 months programming experience.

Familiarity with OO concepts would be an advantage.


4 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

Python is a powerful and popular object-oriented scripting language. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the core syntax and functions provided by Python, including full coverage of its object-oriented features. The course also explores some of Python's powerful APIs and techniques, including file handling, XML processing, object serialization, and Web services.

What you'll learn:

  • Writing clean Python code
  • Working with functions and objects
  • Working with text and regular expressions
  • Handing exceptions
  • Manipulating files and XML data
  • Working with web services

Course Content

Getting Started with Python
Overview of Python
Installing Python
Getting ready to develop

Python Language Fundamentals
Overview of core Python syntax rules
Simple data types and variables
Object essentials
Flow control

Working with Functions
The benefit of functions
Writing and calling functions
Passing parameters

Exception Handling
Overview of exceptions in Python
Handling exceptions
Raising exceptions
Design issues

Overview of collections in Python

Strings and Regular Expressions
Overview of strings in Python
Basic string manipulation
Introduction to regular expressions
Using regular expressions in Python

Classes and Iterators
Defining classes
Instance variables
Creating and initializing objects

File Handling
Overview of file handling in Python
Reading and writing text files
Working with binary files
Streaming and serializing Python objects

XML Processing
XML essentials
Parsing XML documents
Searching for XML content
Generating XML data

Web Services
Overview of Web services
Implementing Web services using Python
Handling redirects

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