22 Apr, 2018
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Verhoef Scholarship

Verhoef Scholarship means Bath for Alexandru


MSc Computer Security and Forensics student Alexandru Apostol, has been discovering the world of large scale Enterprise systems thanks to a scholarship from Verhoef Training UK, a leading provider of technical training to industry. Under the scholarship Alexandru (left in the picture) spent two days at their headquarters in the city of Bath, Somerset learning about the Z/OS operating system alongside practicing IT professionals.

Large scale business critical systems which run on mainframe computers, such as the IBM Z series, are vital to many major finance and retail companies but the specialised technology which underpins their operation has slipped off the curriculum at many universities. In April the Department of Computer Science and Technology hosted the Training and Certification Workgroup of Guide Share Europe (GSE). Attendees from Barclays Bank, Hewlett-Packard and IBM discussed the need for new graduates with the correct skills and the challenge of creating a new generation of professionals. David Webster (right in the picture), Managing Director of Verhoef UK, offered a scholarship to help the best performing University of Bedfordshire students develop those skills and Alexandru was the first to qualify.

Dr Herb Daly, Senior Lecturer in the department, who also attended the course, said “Congratulations to Alexandru, we look forward to other students meeting the criteria to take part in the future. We warmly welcome this support for our students through Verhoef Training UK. Large scale enterprise systems are critical to the operation of many banks, retailers and airlines. We are also working with IBM through their Academic Initiative programme to help support a wider understanding of these technologies”

Although founded internationally in 1980 Verhoef Training’s UK centre in Bath was established in 1993. They provide technology training to a wide range of organisations on various business technologies including the mainframe platforms.

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