22 Apr, 2018
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Celebrating 21 Years in the UK: 1995 - 2016

Verhoef Training is now 21 years old!

Please accept my deep and heartfelt thanks to every person who has visited this website or filled out a booking form, travelled to our centre in Bath, attended an on-site course, helped with set-ups, processed our paperwork, supplied us with goods, taught a course for us, or paid our invoices!

Thank you.
A great many of the customers who attended our inaugural classes still remain loyal and this year we will continue with our commitment to the IT Industry by running a full public schedule and, where possible, teaching every class with a booking, be it for one person or for many.
We will continue to support five Enterprise Server platforms namely: z/OS, iSeries, UNIX, Windows and superNOVA but have included or improved substantially our offerings in, WebSphere, Java, SQL Server, virtualisation, testing, systems analysis and IT courses for auditors. Not all of our courses are scheduled as public events, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for then do please give us a call.
We’re competitive, flexible and friendly, located in a world heritage city, and just a call or a click away. I hope you will choose us for your training this year and for many years to come!
Best wishes,
David Webster 
Managing Director

Ten years ago we celebrated our tenth year...

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