Lean Coach

Lean Coach


The aim of the Lean coach programme is to develop the capability of individuals to lead improvement activities, using a variety of lean tools and techniques, across a range of business processes. Typical course participants will have lean or improvement as the main focus of their role and be responsible for driving and facilitating work teams.




25 to 30 days, spread over a 6 to 12 month period.

The course is delivered through a blend of conventional classroom-based learning together with supported 'learning by doing' workshops and coaching. Participants will gain both new knowledge and practical application experience. This will equip them with competence and confidence to be able to drive improvement throughout the organisation. They will also develop skills to transfer their learning and coach others.

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Course Objectives

The course is aligned with the fourth level of Cardiff University's Lean Competence System (LCS). At the end of the course knowledge and understanding will be assessed through two tests (multiple choice and open questions). Course participants will also be required to provide a portfolio showing evidence of their practical application abilities. The portfolio will include a management presentation (and a related project learning log), a case study and a coaching log. Upon successful completion of assessment, participants will be eligible for their Cardiff University Lean Competency System (LCS) level 2a certificate. They can continue onto level 2b (Master Lean Coach) if they choose to so do and if progression is appropriate to their career.

At the end of course, participants will be able to:

  • Lead a team in solving systemic problems.
  • Diagnose issues in a process using appropriate tools and techniques such as value stream mapping and PDCA problem solving approaches.
  • Implement permanent solutions that resolve current issues & prevent re-occurrence of problems, using visual management and workplace organisation.
  • Design an improvement intervention including:
    • Activity scope and intervention design.
    • Tools and techniques selection and team member choice.
    • Project management and benefits measurement.
    • Escalation and delegation of issues and actions.
  • Coach the team through an implementation towards sustainable improvement.
  • Demonstrate competence across a variety of tools and techniques and across different business processes.

Course Content

Lean awareness and understanding of the Lean Business System.
Value Stream Management.
PDCA problem solving.
Project identification and scoping.
Appropriate application and detailed exploration of a range improvement techniques, including:
• Value stream mapping (VSM).
• Visual management & workplace organisation.
• Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
• Total productive maintenance (TPM).
• Flow & line balancing.
• Pull systems.
• Single minute exchange of dies (SMED).
Personal skills development, effective team working & understanding change management.
Developing evidence for assessment.

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