IMS TM Performance and Tuning - CM211G

IMS TM Performance and Tuning - CM211G


System programmers responsible for the performance of a large-scale IMS DB/DC system.


You should have:

  • IMS Transaction Manager experience
  • Data Communications experience


3 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

This course teaches a methodology to tune a large-scale z/OS IMS/TM data communication system. Specifically, this course explains the impact of user-specified options on IMS performance, how to determine performance bottlenecks by interpreting information from certain performance reports, and how to implement a plan to improve the performance of an IMS system.

Course objectives include:

  • Create and implement a performance improvement plan based on the methodology presented
  • Discuss the performance options available to the IMS user
  • Describe the performance impact of the IMS storage pools and data sets and their interrelationships
  • Interpret the information contained in performance reports
  • Analyze the performance reports to determine performance bottlenecks in the IMS system

Course Content

Unit 1: Monitoring and Tuning Overview
Unit 2: IMS Structure and Major Control Blocks
Unit 3: The IMS Logger and Pool Management
Unit 4: IMS Communication Component
Unit 5: IMS OTMA Communication Component
Unit 6: z/OS Considerations for IMS
Unit 7: IMS Scheduling
Unit 8: IMS Program Loading Options
Unit 9 : IMS Program Elapsed Time
Unit 10: IMS Database Buffering

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