IBM Cognos Planning Contributor: Develop Applications (V10.1) - P8105G

IBM Cognos Planning Contributor: Develop Applications (V10.1) - P8105G


This intermediate course is for Modelers.


You should have:


4 days.

Course Objectives

IBM Cognos Planning Contributor: Develop Applications (V10.1) is a four-day, instructor-led course in which participants will learn to build, administer, and deploy Planning Contributor applications through IBM Cognos Planning Administrator. In particular, participants will learn how to develop the Planning Contributor application (based on a Cognos 10 Planning - Analyst model), manage security using the Cognos security model, perform administrative tasks, such as importing and publishing data, and deploy the application to the Cognos portal. They will also learn how to create events using Cognos Event Studio, which will monitor changes in published Planning data. This course also contains a case study that helps participants further develop their skills as they create and administer a Contributor application.

  • Introduction to IBM Cognos Planning - Administrator
  • Build a Contributor Application
  • IBM Cognos Planning - Analyst model
  • Manage Workflow and Web Application Activities
  • Apply Security
  • Administer Applications
  • Manage Data
  • Use Extensions
  • Automate Applications
  • Consume Planning Data in Cognos BI
  • Use the Contributor Add-in for Excel

Course Content

Introduction to IBM Cognos Planning - Administrator
Review IBM Cognos Performance Management (PM) Solution
Identify IBM Cognos Planning and its components
Identify IBM Cognos BI and its components
Examine the IBM Cognos Planning architecture
Examine IBM Cognos Planning - Contributor and its components
Examine the development process for the Contributor solution

Build a Contributor Application
Examine best practices for building the underlying

IBM Cognos Planning - Analyst model
Configure IBM Cognos Planning Administrator
Create a Planning Contributor application using the Application wizard
Specify navigation, orientation, and application settings
Import the e.List and rights
Run Go to Production and preview a Planning Contributor application

Manage Workflow and Web Application Activities
Access the application in Cognos Connection
Examine the user roles and workflow states
Create annotations
Attach documents to Planning Contributor application items
View and delete commentary
Bounce users from the application
Work offline

Apply Security
Examine Cognos Planning security: authentication and authorization
Examine Cognos Planning roles
Assign access rights to end users
Examine levels of user rights
Create saved selections
Examine and create access tables
Identify network considerations

Administer Applications
Review what happens during Go to Production
Back up the datastore
Display Invalid Owners and Editors
Create a planning package
Reset workflow states
Set advanced options for subsequent Go to Production processes
Examine job management and the types of jobs that can be performed
Create help text for end users
Verify that data entered is valid

Manage Data
Synchronize the Cognos Planning - Contributor application with the Cognos Planning - Analyst model
Import data into the Planning Contributor application as a planner, reviewer and administrator
Publish Planning Contributor data

Use Extensions
Examine IBM Cognos Planning - Contributor extensions
Report from Planning Contributor data using extensions
Configure Planning Contributor extensions
Use administration extensions

Automate Applications
Examine automation of common administration tasks using macros
Create and publish a macro
Group related tasks into one macro
Examine how to run macros

Consume Planning Data in Cognos BI
Examine Cognos Connection
Create a portal page to group different types of content into a single view
Examine how to access live data in Cognos Studios
Create and run agents based on planning data in Events Studio

Case Study
Create a Contributor application
Ensure planners and reviewers have the required access to the appropriate data
Modify the application to accommodate the addition of new locations
Bring test data into the application in an administrator role and an end user role
Publish data for reporting and automate this task

Use the Contributor Add-in for Excel

Move Data Between Planning Analyst and Planning Contributor (Optional)
Export data from Planning Analyst for use in Planning Contributor
Integrate Planning Contributor with Planning Analyst
Move data from Planning Analyst to Planning Contributor using a D-Link
Move data from Planning Contributor to Planning Analyst using a D-Link
Compare D-Links to importing data in Planning Administrator

Translate a Contributor Application (Optional)
Examine the translation cycle
Create a translation
Translate applications into different languages
Export files for translation

Other Topics (Optional)
Examine the Cognos Planning - Contributor Add-in for Excel
Enter, save, and submit Planning Contributor data using the Excel Add-in
Modify the display of Planning Contributor data in Microsoft Office Excel
Annotate data in Microsoft Office Excel
Save a workbook as a template

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