23 Feb, 2018
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In house lawyers, solicitors in private practice, commercial directors and managers, contracts managers and sales managers will all benefit from attending this course.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


2 days. depending on content.

This course is available on site only. Please call for details.

NOTE: A shorter version of this course, run over one day, is available on request.

Course Objectives

Commercial litigation is often the result of disputes over the interpretation of written contracts. To avoid disputes contracts need to be comprehensive and unambiguous. This course focuses on the structure and format of IT contracts, drafting techniques, and the use and understanding of some legal clauses.

On completion of this course delegates will:

  • Understand contract clauses.
  • Understand the benefits proper contract construction.
  • Recognize the risks posed by bad drafting of contract clauses.
  • Understand technical concepts like ‘confidentiality’.
  • Become familiar with relevant UK and EU laws.

Course Content

Formation of a contract.
System of Precedent.
Rules of construction of contracts.
IT Contracts.
Material breach and contract Disputes.

Structure and Format of a Commercial Contract
How a typical contract should be structured.
The Risks of using the other party’s Terms and Conditions.
Typical Clauses to include:
• Recitals.
• Limitation of liability.
• Indemnities.
• Licenses and Intellectual property.
• Duly Authorized Signature.
• Attachments and Schedules.
• Payment.
• Termination of Contract.

Confidentiality Agreements
Meaning of ‘Confidential’.
The law relating to confidentiality including the Freedom of Information Act.
Exceptions to the Rule of Confidentiality.
Sample Confidential Agreement.

Standard Terms
What are considered to be Standard Terms by the Courts?
Implied terms included by process of law.
Exclusion clauses.
UCTA and other relevant legislation.

Terms and Conditions of an IT Contract
Software Licenses.
Hardware purchase and support.
Intellectual Property.

Contract Management
What is contract management.
Why is it necessary?
The Contract Manager Role.
Technology used in contract management.
Problems and Solutions.

Avoiding legal proceedings.
Managing Risk.
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

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