23 Feb, 2018
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This course will benefit managers running, planning to implement, or closely involved in a PPSO (such as directors with responsibility for delivering change, programme managers, project managers, SRO’s or project executives).


This course assumes some familiarity with Programme and Project structures and basic operation of a PPSO.


2 days. Lecture content is supported by practical exercises.

This course is available on site only. Please call for details.

NOTE: A shorter version of this course, run over one day, is available on request.

Course Objectives

This course is aimed at SFIA levels 4-6 for Programme and Project Support Office (PPSO) in terms of its intellectual content. This course is aimed at managers who are running a PPSO or planning to set one up.

The course looks at Best Practice models for a PPSO and how an existing Office (or plan for one) compares. Delegates then develop a plan to move their PPSO forward through continuous improvement.

Practical exercises throughout the course enable attendees to relate the workshop content to their own situation and devise a realistic action plan. The scope of the course can be adjusted to the attendees and their needs.

On completion of the course delegates will:

  • Understand the Best Practice for Project and Programme Support Office activities and services.
  • Understand how these services support Programmes and Projects in an organisation.
  • Be able to review PPSO activities and services to meet organisation requirements.
  • Be able to develop an action plan for continuous development of PPSO competence.

Course Content

Programme and Project Support Environment Best Practice
Structures for a PPSO in an organisation.
Governance and management for change.
Services and activities.
Competences and Specialisms.
Balance between PPSO and Programmes & Projects.

Designing and Managing a PPSO
Key services and activities – a blueprint.
Added Value – a business case.
Tools & Staffing – managing resources.
Performance Measures and accountability.
Health check on operations and governance.
Reflection and reviewing.

Action Planning
Developing continuous improvement.

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