23 Feb, 2018
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This course is for all IT staff tasked with designing, implementing and monitoring environmental policies across a corporate IT function, ensuring policies are compliant with best practice and are enforceable.

It is envisaged that delegates will be at team leader level or above, but it would be no bad thing for all IT staff to be aware of the issues and benefits surrounding IT and its impact on the environment.


No specific knowledge is required but delegates are expected to be IT professionals.


1 day. The class includes practical workshops, lectures and group discussions.

This course is available on site only. Please call for details.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course, delegates will:

  • Understand the need for environmental policies within IT.
  • Appreciate the ease in which environmentally friendly policies can be implemented.
  • Be aware of some of the potential difficulties that the implementation of Green IT policies may encounter.
  • Appreciate current legislation surrounding Green issues.
  • Be able to identify areas for improvement.
  • Be able to set, implement and monitor corrective action to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Be aware of the impact the individual has on the whole.

Course Content

Overview of What Green Means

Carrot - the ROI...the drivers for green.
Stick - Regulation, brand risk.

You can't control what you can't measure.
The indicators you'll need to base your work on.
How to work them out.

Corporate Assets
What are your assets?
A look at all areas of IT that can be made greener:
• Data centres.
• User departments.
• Application Development.
• Other issues.

How to Achieve Environmental Benefits
Reduce - looking at ways to cut energy and resource consumption by using IT.
Reuse - looking at ways to use assets currently owned.
Recycle - IT produces an enormous amount of waste. This section examines what to do about that and how to make a business case for it.
Communicating IT - it's all very well getting operations in line, but what about getting the culture of the company up to speed?


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