03 Mar, 2015
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This course is aimed at CICS Systems Programmers and Technical CICS Programmers needing a better understanding of CICS.


This intermediate course is designed for system programmers who are new to the installation and tailoring of CICS Transaction Server.

Delegates should:

Be familiar with CICS architecture and CICS facilities and have a working knowledge of z/OS, JCL, TSO/ISPF, SNA concepts, VSAM concepts and Access Method services.


4 days. Hands on.

Course Objectives

Upon completion, attendees will be able to confidently install and customize a CICS Transaction Server system. They will be able to describe how CICS resources are defined and how CICS Communicates with VTAM and TCPIP. The attendee will understand the VSAM and DB2 interfaces as well as the Operational and Intersystem Communication Interfaces. The major CICS Utilities are also covered as is Recovery. A CICS/TS system will be available for online access.

Course Content

CICS Installation and Generation
The CICS Datasets
How to define CICS to z/OS
How to define CICS to VTAM and TCPIP
The CICS Startup JCL

CICS/TS Internal Structure
The Role of the Domains
The Role of the Kernel Domain
The Role of the Dispatcher Domain
The Major Control Blocks

CICS/TS Storage Manager
The Storage Manager Facilities
Storage Protection
The eight Dynamic Storage Areas
The Transaction Isolation facility

The CICS Tables
The Program List table Post Initialisation
The program List Table Shutdown
The System Initialisation Table
The System Recovery Table

Resource Definition Online
The DFHCSD dataset
The CEDA transaction
The Components of RDO
Building the Definitions for CICS
The Batch Facility
The CICSlog destinations
Audit trailing

The major VTAM control blocks
The Terminal Control Table
Sequential Terminals
Controlling the VTAM Interface
Defining the TCPIP interface
The TCPIPSERVICE definition
The Listener Transaction
Defining Sockets and Ports
Incoming Transactions

The Autoinstall Facility
The Components of Autoinstall
What is passed to the exit
The Logon process
The Logoff process

CICS Security Requirements
Sources of threat
What can be secured
Identifying CICS datasets
The RACF Class Descriptors
How to define the CICS Resources to RACF

File Control and DB2
Defining the FCT
The VSAM environment
Displaying the FCT online
DB2 components
The Attachment facility
The DSNC transaction
Defining the DB2 resources

CICS Operations
The Master Terminal Operation
Shutting Down the CICS system

Defining MRO & LUTYPE6.2
The MRO environment
The Online options needed to define MRO
The LUTYPE6.2 environment
The Online options needed to define LUTYPE6.2
How to Define the TOR, AOR, FOR
What is the CICS Relay
What is the Mirror
Defining TCPIP Links

Controlling the MRO & LUTYPE6.2 environment
Establishing the Intersystem environment
Controlling the Interface
Resolving Intersystem Problems

Recovery and Restart
Defining the System Logger
Dynamic Transaction Backout
Emergency Restart
Exclusive control
Defining Recoverable Resources
Considerations for backout

CICS Utilities
The Dump and Trace utilities
The CSD Utility

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